Highland Club Culture

Change Of Scene

2006 - 2011

COS was formed after friends haphazardly organised an event at Oscars in Dingwall around 2006 with DIY lighting equipment and a freshly bought PA sound system that was really just an excuse to have a party and play some tunes in front of people.

One half of COS moved away and but we continued to host nights, with residents Robbie N & Badja and regulars from other hard dance nights in the north of Scotland like Tiny, Malfunction, Maddog and Aidan Hunter from NoiseBox, Dimension and Compus Mentis which bred reciprocity of gigs between us all and growing a culture of hard dance. It was also an opportunity for other artists who were hungry for gigs to play harder dance music.

It was based around a love of hard dance music but eventually became a more than 1 room event at different locations and would host rooms with Techno, House and Trance also.

The night attracted people in Dingwall and surrounding areas who were looking for this kind of music and offered an exposure into the harder styles of dance music where most places offered Techno.

Among offering gigs to lots of local artists who played the same music we brought in various other names in hard dance like Brian M & Mcbunn, Argy, Frisky, Rush, LED and along with a collaboration with Gearbox we took ASYS, Fausto and Phil York.

These nights were mostly at The Picture House & Oscars (Dingwall) plus Motion & Cake (Inverness).

The night/brand itself finished it's last gig in Cake in 2011 with a collaboration with Gearbox Radio when it hosted ASYS and Mcbunn as the headliners amongst other talent over 2 rooms.