Highland Club Culture

Disco Frenzy

1992 - 1993

Disco Frenzy brought a fresh name and a change of direction for the Inverness scene, which had been moving towards a harder techno sound, with the regular nights focusing more towards deep house and garage. The opening night at The Hayloft saw the return of Harri and another set that became a firm favourite amongst the mix tape collections throughout the country.

Still having to move from venue to venue with venues as varied and unique as mountain top cafes (Aonoch Mhor), clothing shop attics and Loch Ness cruisers (Carry on Up The Ness), Disco Frenzy’s time also saw the Final Chapter of the Friday the 13th allnighters and two Tribal Fusion events - an allnighter at the Averon Centre in Alness and the alldayer at The Bishop Mill in Elgin, which arguably featured the best line-up to ever grace the Highlands with Andrew Weatherall from Boys Own, Stuart and Orde of Slam, Justin Robertson of Manchester’s Most Excellent and MC Kinky.

The increasing difficulties with lack of willing venues and Inverness’ once united but now splintering crowd meant ‘Frenzy’ existed for less than a year, culminating with a final residents DJs only party at The Springfield Hotel.

There were sporadic returns over the years from the team behind Kick and Frenzy under the Homeless Banner - notable nights being Norman Jay and Messenger Soundsystem Meets Skylab Productions, both at the Crown Court Hotel, with the latters bass speakers actually rumbling the walls of the room but the same old issues meant these were few and far between.