Highland Club Culture

Dornoch Beach Party

1996 - 2001

Donoch Beach Party started in 1996 with just a generator and a basic set up and was ran by Mark Ross and a few friends with a capacity of just 150. In 1998 it got a little bit more progressed featuring a few of the Jungle Palace DJs Aiden Travers and Joe Be Bop... the following year the event had DJs from everywhere in the Highlands playing such as Dj Nomad, Dougie, Shmall Paul, Gordon O’Hare and the main genre of all the Dornoch Beach Parties consisted of trance house and hard house.

The following year in 2000 was the year they decided to step things up a notch and had John 00 Flemming. Headline the event along side Mark Ross, Scott Langley, Al Carson , Sasha Robotti, James Richards, and a load of local Djs with the capacity increasing to 1350.

2001 was to be the final event with LIsa Loud, Darren Pearce Jakarta, Dj Session One/ Blutonium Boy and resident Mark Ross and a whole lot of local Dj talent this event attracted around 2760 people.