Highland Club Culture


2017 - 2019

Exklusive was the brain child of Gearbox Digital founder, Phil Macdonald. With Linzi Russell as his muse, Phil wanted to put his experience of working in The Netherlands to good use in the Highlands with some extremely unique and interesting marketing content.

The first 'Exklusive News' marketing concept gave the brand notoriety as it was viewed by over 100,000 people and shared all over the world. The idea of marketing via comedic news reports hit a chord with the people of the Highlands and made their first night a hugely successful party.

This concept continued for their second event and another great party was had with guest DJ's T78 and Ramiro Lopez.

Now Exklusive operates mainly as a booking agency for Techno with acts such as T78 and A*S*Y*S being represented there.