Highland Club Culture

Highland Junglists

2014 - present

The Highland Junglist dj collective comprised of Dj Essay, Silent Assassin, Dropz, Kojak and Raboon. They still exist in the music industry just in a different capacity now with focus on more strong nights individually which was eventually seen as for the best at the time.

The Illicit crew are now flying a strong flag for the dnb and jungle vibes in Inverness and the Highlands now and a good understanding and knowledge between all crews in Scotland exists, which is the junglist way. Dj musicians happy to assist and contribute towards one common agreed goal. Collaborating has been a key to success in most events it's something that was thrived upon for putting a show on for people they won't forget. From way back when 3 guys originally got together for a game of pool and a pint and a chat, with a vision of creating nights with something Inverness had barely seen before, our focus on drum and bass/jungle music and a view to booking acts to support these nights went on and made its emegence. Homegrown artists such as Chris Renegade, Mrs Magoo, Davy, Lo Profile then a headliner Goldie at the Ironworks and anything from Belladrum to Aviemore in between. Some truly great memories and theres a rumble in the jungle something may be stirring for the future so keep the scanners activated for that.