Highland Club Culture


1993 - 1995

Sibs spent the 1992/1993 winter in France going to raves in Lyon, Chamonix, Paris and Avoriaz and hanging out with DJs who played everything from House to Techno to Jungle. This ultimately gave me the bug to organise a night back in my hometown of Forres.

During the summer of 1992, I’d met Malcolm Smith aka Malcolm S and Andrew Dickinson aka Addiction at one of the many events at the Bishops in Elgin and we held our first night in October 1993 at the Brig Hotel.

As far as I remember it was myself, playing Jungle and Drum & Bass by labels such as Suburban Bass, Moving Shadow, Reinforced. Malcolm S played more of the emerging Scottish Techno from the likes of Clubscene, Twisted Vinyl, Shoop, Stepping Out. Whilst DJ Addiction played a harder faster techno from the more Dutch side of the scene by labels like Ruffneck, Rotterdam Records and Mokum. MCs that night were Eveready and Jester.

Turnout was pretty decent for an unknown night with about 200 or so people turning upe and we kind of knew that we had something to work with.

So that was the fuse lit for the next 20 months. We built up our reputation over the following few months and had people coming from all over the North East and beyond.

Our first guest DJ, in January 1993, was Dj Ten from Clubscene who drove from the central belt in one of the worst snowstorms for years and included a death defying 360 degree spin in his car on the way to The Brig.

After that we started booking DJs from the Scottish Rave circuit such as Bass Generator, Technotrance, Mikey B, GT Sampler, Marc Smith, Scott Brown and acts like Q-Tex, QFX, Ultimate Buzz, Bass-X and Ultrasonic.

Although the night mainly revolved around the type of tunes you’d hear at the Rezerection or Fubar, we liked to mix up a bit and we booked DJs like Colin Faver, Trevor Rockliffe, Loftgroover, The Producer, Mark EG, KMC to add some slightly different sounds to the night. We also had a live PA by Ege Bam Yasi who had one of the most bizarre riders we’d been asked for. A dozen eggs and two pints of milk.

October 1994 was our first, and last birthday party, which was a pretty raucous affair with Ultrasonic headlining and a packed Brig.

By 1995 we’d taken Instinct to Turriff and Buckie and booked dozens of DJs and live acts, but sadly July 1995 was the last night we did as the number of people attending was on the decline.

We kept the spirit alive in the summer of 1996 by taking over the famous River Party on the outskirts of Forres, which was an all night affair by the River FIndhorn with our friends from Positive Soundystem from Brighton.

Even though Instinct didn’t quite last 2 years I’d like to think we created something pretty unique for that part of the world.