Highland Club Culture

Jungle Palace

1990 - 2004


1990 – 1992 - Dance music had burst on to the scene. It was a fresh and exciting vibe with this new 4 x 4 beat and rhythmic grooves. After attending some events, Richard & Jackie (Jungle Palace) along with some friends, decided to get their own scene on the go. Everybody had big houses in the countryside so people’s houses became the venues hosting DJs such as Harri & Oscar (Sub club). The Vibe was good; it was time to take the scene to the next level by putting on events. Richard and Jackie went ahead with booking their first night.

The Beginning

Aug 1993 - Jungle palace opened its doors for the first time at the Inverness Ice Rink Function Suite hosting the talents of Orde Miekle (Slam) alongside Oscar (Sub Club) and Paul Maber. This night was a complete success so there were more events booked. In the coming months, Jungle Palace hosted Ralph Lawson (Back to Basics), Dominic (Sub Club), Harri (Sub Club), Oscar (Sub Club), Stuart McMillan (Soma), Nigel Hayes (Bomba Records) Kevin MacKay (Glasgow Underground Records), Steven Scanlan, Steve Donaldson & Scott Rapson, also Jackie’s son Nathan who also brought his pal Graeme (Silicone soul).

At this time, Inverness had a 1am curfew and the police did not like these "Raves" in Inverness and forced the Ice Rink to close their doors to Jungle Palace due to "noise pollution". However, this was a freight train that had got into motion and couldn’t be stopped! So the Jungle Palace crew were quick to jump to a new venue on the outskirts of Inverness called The Coach House. They kicked off their first Jungle Palace night (October 1994) with newly formed residents The Force (Graeme, Nathan & Craig) to a sold out gig.

Other nights that followed monthly were Kevin MacKay (Glasgow Underground), Iain Livingston (Swell), Zammo (Rumba), Twitch (Pure & Optimo), Chris UN (Rotation, Club UN), The Force & Jon Da Silva (Hacienda). Again, the police got involved and told the Coach House to close their doors to Jungle Palace due to “noise pollution”. Jungle Palace was on the lookout for a new venue, deciding to move further afield to Daviot outside Inverness to the venue The Deerstalker. This was a good sized venue holding 400 people in the middle of nowhere. There were three events here. First up was Orde Miekle (Soma), second was Ashley Beedle (X Press 2, Junior Boys Own) and Nathan and the third was Domenic (Sub club) and Ralph Lawson & Huggy (Back to Basics). All three gigs where a complete sell out, however, once again, the police got involved telling the owners to close the doors to Jungle Palace for "noise pollution, again!!" even though the nearest neighbours lived miles away!. This came as a big blow to the Jungle Palace crew, the police where running them out of town as well as a lot of personal harassment on many levels. Undeterred, the Jungle Palace crew decided to get their thinking caps on for their next manoeuvre!

Next up was a Birthday Special one off gig in Glasgow at the "Renfrew Ferry" taking bus loads of Highlanders to the big smoke! with DJs Jean Honeymoon and Domenic (Sub club).

Wick was the next location with The Force at the helm. Jungle Palace did two events at the Railway Club in Inverness also hosting The Force. Deciding not to be intimidated by the police, the JP crew organised two large gigs closer to home at the Alness Averon Centre (Sept 1995) with Rejuvenation (Soma) DIY (Bounce, Nottingham) Graeme (The Force), Woody (Club UN) and this was Jungle Palace’s resident Aiden Travers first gig with Jungle Palace. Next gig up was Pete Heller (Junior Boys Own), Craig and Graeme (The Force). These were sell out gigs with the venue holding 700 people.

Fight for your right to party!!!!!!

At this point, Jungle Palace had a massive following and was making money at all the venues so it wasn’t long before the Ice Rink in Inverness got in contact with the new management and offered Jungle Palace their newly renovated 600 capacity venue, Downtown USA used their lawyers to overturn the noise pollution verdict and pushing it even further by allowing the JP crew to put there events on till 4am (Hooray!) As long as they cleared up the drinks at 1am, unheard off in the highlands with a 1am curfew.

So fully energised and with the backing of Downtown USA, Jungle Palace commenced weekly gigs kicking these off with Jim Masters (Ministry of Sound) with Chris UN, Ralph Lawson & Domenic, The Force, Ashley Beedle & Stevie Dell, Jon Da Silva & The Force, Pete Heller & Aiden Travers, Cutting the Crap tour - Kid Batchelor (London) also Ralph Lawson & Huggy with Aiden Travers on warm up duty, Jon Da Silva & Scott Langley.

At this point, the police where pissed with the JP crew and the chief of police would sit outside every gig in his jeep ten feet from the front door till 4am. The JP crew will never forget his hard, growling stare. He was not happy!

Once again, the police closed Jungle palace down Due to "noise pollution!!!" (yawn!)

Next up was a gig in Elgin with Aiden Travers & Bongo Martin (Shaka loves you). This was too far afield for the JP crew so they moved to The Wheel Inn in Evanton for their millennium bells gig with past residents Craig & Graeme aka Silicone soul and Aiden Travers.

Back At It

Along with its new JP sound system and visual effects expert Iain Ingles joining the team, Club Zone in Dingwall with its 3am curfew, was JPs new home, an old picture theatre with a 700 capacity club with two rooms. Aiden Travers had taken the reins at this point as resident DJ alongside his bongo playing pal Martin hosting DJs the likes of Silicone soul (Soma), Dave Angel (Rotation Records), Pete Heller (Junior Boys Own), Dominic (Sub club), Harri (Sub club), Slam (Soma), Octoplan, Jenga Heads (Arches), Jim Masters (Open, Ministry of Sound ), Nathan, Billy Mauseth, Carla, Tim Black, Scott Maclean, Joe be Bop, Barry Martin and Chippy.

After packing out the Club Dingwall on multiple occasions, the Club Zone owners invited JP crew to move to their main, newly renovated venue in Inverness in the nightclub Blue on Rose Street with an 800 capacity. Inverness was once again JPs new home residing at Blue, Rose Street and put on another string of gigs hosting DJs playing alongside Aiden Travers with Aiden headlining a few himself such as Junior Sanchez (America), Farley Jack Master Funk (America) , Slam (Soma), Domenic (Sub club), Silicone Soul (Soma), Alex Paterson (The Orb), Alex Knight (Fat Cat Records ), Billy Mauseth, Al Carson, Carla, Richard Skinner, Steven Flynn, Edmond Coombes, Nicky Macintosh, Chris UN and Barry Martin.

End of the line

Jungle palace pushed the boundaries, blood sweat and tears to bring the highlands the very best in House/Techno music. However, due to personal reasons in 2004 Jungle Palace closed its doors for the last time.

Jungle Palace would like to say a massive thank you to every, single, person who came down and danced and joined the jungle crew on what was an amazing decade of dance. RESPECT!!!!