Highland Club Culture

Lets Go

2012 - 2014

Let's go was a group of very young lads (Jordan Cooper, Ieuan Gittings, Matty Gordon & Camy Lovett) who hated their jobs and wanted to party. The music was mixed but mainly house and techno. The expected selection from a group of just turned 18 yos.

Let's Go run from 2012 to 2014 but felt so much longer. We had a night in Karma Lounge almost every month or two.

Our residents were Alan Grant, Ross Calder, Aaron Russel and Jordan Cooper and we managed to do quite well without booking any big names.

However our claim to fame was that we did book Patrick Topping for his Any Amounts EP launch for a mere £400 but had to cancel as Green Velvet was booked for same night and we were too poor to risk it.

We ran our nights partnering with a huge selection of local and further afield Scottish DJs and club nights. And managed to sell quite well! Our second claim to fame has to be hosting the last ever Official Rockness Pre Party at our home of Karma Lounge.